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Assisting Families Facing Poverty and Immigration Challenges

Nearly 15% of all Florida residents currently live below the poverty line, and more than one in five children in our state lives with the daily effects of poverty, including hunger and homelessness. There are also a growing number of immigrant parents in our area who have been separated from their children due to current ICE policies.

Marien Insurance is launching a relief campaign to provide support to families in southern Florida struggling with poverty or attempting to rejoin their children.

Providing for Families in Need

As Regional Ambassadors for #AgentsofChange in the Miami-Dade area, Marien Insurance is primarily concerned with providing assistance to low income families struggling with poverty. During this campaign we will be working alongside several local outreach programs that provide direct support to families struggling with poverty, as well as supporting reunification efforts for immigrant families.

With thousands of families in our area that need help, we can’t hope to be successful without the involvement of concerned citizens like you.

Be Part of the Solution!

To be part of this campaign, all we ask is that you give us the chance to share our message with others in the area. When you invite a close friend or family member into Marien Insurance for a free insurance appraisal, we will also provide them with more information on this campaign. Additionally, for each person you invite, we will provide a donation IN YOUR NAME to a local family support program.

Help Us Make a Difference

This campaign gives everyone in our area a chance to take action and make a positive difference for families in our area facing financial or reunification struggles. Please join us, and let’s make our community better for everyone!


Carolina Herran

Marien Insurance

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