Flood Insurance

Affordable Flood Insurance

Whether it is from a thunderstorm in July pouring down rain torrentially or from a Category 4 hurricane, surprise flooding can mean damaged property and lost or destroyed personal belongings. Keep in mind that this is not limited to those who live in a high-risk area; many in know will contend that it is better to at least have some coverage as opposed to no coverage whatsoever. Choices can at times seem confusing, but a little info can go a long way toward making your decision for your home or business the best decision.
Usually, this kind of insurance policy will cover the physical damage to your property or belongings resulting from flooding. The coverage usually protects the building, the foundation, any electrical or plumbing, including HVAC, flooring materials, and, certainly, the removal of debris in the building in the aftermath of some watery disaster. Personal items usually covered include such things as clothing, furniture, electronics, many appliances, and even valuable items, like jewelry. Note that all this protection is contingent upon you taking an inventory for the insurance provider. This coverage will not extend to such things as mildew or mold damage in cases where the homeowner might have avoided the problem, nor will it compensate for losses such as stock certificates, pools and decks or any losses attributed to business interruption. (Business insurance is available that may cover these exceptions.)
All should consider purchasing good flood coverage if residence is in a high-risk flood area. Keep in mind that mortgage lenders often mandate it. It’s important to remember that homeowners’ insurance will seldom cover flooding.
Flood insurance policies can be purchased for a few hundred dollars upwards to $10,000per annum, depending on the level of coverage desired and the risk of where you reside. It is vital to obtain your insurance right away if you reside in a zone that is deemed as high-risk, as it takes a month for the coverage to go into effect. Homeowners can choose to insure their dwelling for up to $250,000 and their belongings for another $100,000 if so desired. Businesses may opt to insure a building and its inventory for upwards to $500,000.
Don’t be complacent when it comes to flood coverage, as it is better to be safe than sorry, as the old adage goes, and buy at least a basic plan. A few hundred bucks per year is all it takes to avoid finding yourself knee deep in a flooded home and with no insurance to help you recover.